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What Does Handicapping mean in Horse Racing? Sports Articles | April 29 Authentic Roy Halladay Jersey , 2009
If you want to be able to bet on a horse for any other reason than you like the name of the horse, fancy the jockey, or like the colour of his outfit then maybe it's best if you learn a little about...

If you want to be able to bet on a horse for any other reason than you like the name of the horse, fancy the jockey, or like the colour of his outfit then maybe it's best if you learn a little about handicapping!

All horse races fall into one of two categories ? a handicap race or a conditions race Authentic Jesse Barfield Jersey , with handicap races far outweighing conditions races at most events.

A handicap is a race where each horse is allocated a different weight according to ability so in theory each horse has an equal chance of winning. The British Horseracing Board (BHB) have handicappers who produce an official rating (the horse's 'mark') for each horse in the UK who qualifies to run in a handicap race. This mark that the handicappers give the horse will be on a sliding scale between 0 and 120. Zero marks would basically be a crippled horse 9 while three year old horses at the top of the scale would be the horses entering races such as the Derby.

Sometimes horses do run 'out of handicap' which means that the horse will be running in the race at a disadvantage - the trainer will be aware of this, but will still believe that his horse has a chance of winning.

The evaluations are made on a weekly basis and their results stored on computer by Weatherbys, who are horseracings main administrative body, and each time a horse runs in a race it must be decided by the handicapper whether to adjust his rating depending on a good or a bad performance.

While this all sounds confusing, and to be fair Authentic Roger Clemens Jersey , it must be a lot of hard work for the handicappers and Weatherbys, it all basically means: the higher the horses rating, the better he is. However this could also mean that if you are betting on the horse with the highest (best) handicap, you could be betting on the heaviest horse in the race, as each point in the scale is equivalent to one pound (lb) in weight. This means that Authentic Paul Molitor Jersey , for example, a horse with a rating of 45 will carry 10lbs less than a horse in the same race which is rated at 55, and a horse that had been rated 119 on the scale would be 4lbs better than a horse rated 115 by the handicappers. A perfectly handicapped race would be one where all horses crossed the finishing line at exactly the same time, which as we all know doesn't happen ? but it does make things as fair as possible.

There is also a 'weight-for-age' adjustment when horses of differing ages compete against each other in a race, as horses grow through the ages of 3 Authentic George Bell Jersey , 4 and 5 years.

Handicaps have different levels, races being classed as A, B, C, D Authentic Randal Grichuk Jersey , E, F or G with A being the highest class handicaps and G the bottom class, and the horses official mark will determine which class of race he can be entered into.

Another Sputnik Moment Business Articles | January 8, 2012
We probably do not see it coming, but the decline of education in the United States has been crystallized in a book called "Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother" Authentic Joe Carter Jersey , written by Amy Chua. The book and its author have been heavily criticized for tough love on the position of steroids on parenting.

We probably didn?t see it coming but the decline of education in the U.S has been crystallized by a book titled ?Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother? written by Amy Chua. The book and its author have come under intense criticism for a tough love on steroids stance on parenting. The book?s premise is that American?s coddle their children at the risk of settling for something which is far less than their full potential.

Combined with the December release of the latest test results from the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA), ?Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother? has put an unflattering spotlight on primary and secondary education in the U.S. as well as American parenting styles.

The results from the PISA test showed that American had slipped badly versus those in other countries, finishing in 17th place overall. Students from the U.S. ranked 17th in reading, 23rd in science and 31st in math, getting squashed by students from Shanghai who won each category by a comfortable margin.

President Obama called the dismal scores a ?Sputnik moment? as the realization sunk in that the U.S. had fallen behind badly in a race that it comfortably ruled for years.

The stunning results from the Shanghai students have at their foundation a few simple facts; ?Chinese students work harder Authentic Roberto Alomar Jersey , with more focus, for longer hours than American students do?. According to Time Magazine, ?Chinese students already have a longer school year than American pupils ? and U.S. kids spend more time sitting in front of the TV than in the classroom.? The education race is reminiscent of the rivalry between the U.S and Russia which spanned from sports to space as well as the later rivalry with Japan which was focused largely on the financial arena.

The U.S is still the biggest economy in the world but China is coming fast, having taken the second spot from Japan in 2009. With the U.S. mired in an anemic recovery from its real estate induced recession, China?s economy is on a tear. Not only is their economy growing exponentially Jack Morris Jersey , they?re the biggest of America?s creditors with the Treasury Department estimating that our total debt to China is approximately $843 billion. That is over $10,000 in debt for the average American family and just a fraction of our total debt of $14 trillion.

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